Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Normal Purity > 99.5%
Standard Purity > 99.99%
High Purity > 99.999%
Liquid Gas Container (LGC)

Tomoe Vietnam Co., Ltd provide Carbon dioxide in three forms – Gas, Liquid and Solid. Solid CO2 is also known as “dry ice” and is used as refrigerants in food industry and for small shipments. CO2 is widely utilized during the storage and shipping of ice cream and other frozen foods. Some of the CO2 applications are are listed below :

  • Fire Extinguishers: CO2 extinguishes fires.
  • Beverage: This gas is used to make carbonated soft drinks and soda water.
  • Solvent: Liquid CO2 is considered as a good dissolving agent for many organic compounds. Here it can be used to remove caffeine from coffee.
  • Plants: Plants require CO2 to execute photosynthesis, and greenhouses can promote plant growth with additional CO2.
  • Pressured Gas: It is used as the cheapest noncombustible pressurized gas.
  • Pressured CO2 are inside tins in life jackets. Compressed CO2 gas is used in paintball markers, air guns, for ballooning bicycle tires.
  • Medicine: In medicine, up to 5% CO2 is added to pure oxygen. This helps in provoking breathing and to stabilize the O2/CO2 balance in blood.
  • CO2 Laser: The CO2 laser, a common type of industrial gas laser uses CO2 as a medium. Welding: It also find its use as an atmosphere for welding.
  • Oil Wells: Carbon dioxide is commonly injected into or next to producing oil wells to draw lost traces of crude oil .
  • Chemical Industry: It is used as a raw material in the chemical process industry, especially for urea and methanol production.
  • Metals Industry: It is used in the manufacture of casting influences so as to enhance their hardness.
  • Fumigation: Used as a fumigant to increase shelf life and remove infestations.

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