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Tomoe Vietnam Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and supplying EO sterilized gas. Steri gas – EO gas sterilization, main product of Tomoe Vietnam, is produced on advanced technology lines, ensure quality standards as committed. Tomoe Vietnam is one of the market leading companies in Vietnam in the production and supply of medical EO sterilization gas.

Products need to be sterilized:
1. Consumable medical supplies such as syringes, infusion wire, cotton gauze, medical gloves, clothes operating room …
2. Operating room instruments: scalpel, medical instruments …
3. Packaging of pharmaceuticals: nasal ophthalmic bottles, packaging products, bark tea bag …

Steri gas products:

Pros: EO gas sterilization has advantage that it can be used in low temperature sterilization, suitable for most types of equipment, including plastic material which does not withstand in high temperatures … so EO gas sterilization method is outstanding method , more and more popular in the world, this is the primary method of sterilization in industrial using , are chosen by almost all companies in producing medical equipment and supplies.

Cons: Ethylene oxide gas C2H4O (EO) is a poisonous gas that can affect human health. So during operation and installation of equipment sterilized and pasteurized products carefully adhere to the protective measures, occupational safety, checking gas leakage, avoid accidents that may occur.

Product Information EO gas sterilization:
Name: Steri gas- sterilized EO Gas
Ingredients: mixtures gas between EO and CO2
Concentration: EO Concentration was produced at the request of clients: typically 20%, 30%, 60%, 90% …
Delivery product is always enclosed with the product quality certification (CoA).

Any organization need to use the product or want to cooperate , please contact with our Sales Department
Mr. Quân 0972 499 663 (sales in North)
Mr. Khanh 0979.527.404 (sales in South)

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